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After sitting down for a talk with former Miss Texas 2015 and Miss Texas Teen 2012, as well as exceptional vocalist, Ms. Angelica Alcala, we’ve begun to wonder…is there anything this talent can’t do? A musician, a model, an actress (not to mention a 4x 1st place national award winning dance champion and a 1st place international dance champion), Alcala has moved from her home base of College Station, Texas to the ultra-competitive realm of Los Angeles, where she’s trying Angelica Alcalaunnamed-1out her developing brand of pop music while attending the Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory. Through her education and past experience, Angelica is working to utilize a background in country, opera, and theater music to complete a blend that’s as catchy as it is eclectic.

Alcala has a new single out titled “Reign”, and we couldn’t wait to ask her more about it – she said that fans “can expect a good understanding of who I am. ‘Reign’ is about me! While writing ‘Reign’ I wanted it to be something that would be very important to me as well as be something to which people my age could relate. I faced many obstacles growing up, but every challenge that came my way made me grow into the proud and strong person I am today, and that is what ‘Reign’ is really about. The writing process for ‘Reign’ was actually extremely quick! I was so excited and motivated to write ‘Reign’ that I had the whole thing done in less than two weeks.” Click to to keep up with Angelica’s career, and prepare for her next single, “Rhythm of my Heart”. Do all of this, of course, after a real good read of all the answers to the XXQs below.

XXQs: Angelica Alcala (PEV): How would you describe your sound and what makes you stand out from others in your genre?

Angelica Alcala (AA): My sound is definitely a unique kind of pop because my background in music is in opera and theater music. My songs are the kind of music you can put on in the morning while you get ready and start your day with a dose of excitement and positivity. I also adore country music! My biggest music inspirations are country artists so I feel that is how my music is different from other pop artists.  My pop music is inspired by country music.

PEV: Calling College Station, Texas home, what kind of music were you into growing up? Do you remember your first concert?

AA: Country music, country music, country music! I spent a lot on time in the car traveling around growing up, and I always remember long drives with my older brother listening to country music. How could I forget my first concert? I saw Brad Paisley’s American Saturday Night concert, and it was a night I will never forget!

PEV: What was it like trying to break into the music scene when you first started? What was your first show like? 

AA: Becoming a music artist was actually the last part of the entertainment industry that I branched out into. I am currently still modeling, and acting, but getting into music was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. My biggest challenge was that I loved music with a passion but I didn’t know exactly how to start creating and producing my music. It was indeed an uphill battle, but from very early on in my music career I had a great group of followers that supported me, and people reacted to my music. My first performance was so scary for me! I was overwhelmingly terrified because being successful in modeling, acting, and dancing, I felt a great deal of pressure to be the best! I performed a classical piece from The Sound of Music in a big red ball gown, and Angelica Alcalaunnamedwhen the music started and I began to sing, my mic was not working! The nerves hit me hard but when they restarted my music and I saw my family in the audience I took a big breath and sang my heart out! It was an amazing feeling to be able to touch the audience through my voice.

PEV: What can fans expect from a live Angelica Alcala performance?

AA: Fans can expect lots of excitement and to never sit down! I always loved concerts that made me feel like I was a part of the show and that is something I strive for with my performances!

PEV: What is the first thing that comes to mind when you step on stage to perform?

AA: I am usually so excited that my heart feels like it’s about to explode! What comes to mind though are the people that have helped me get to where I am in life and how thankful I feel to be on stage.

PEV: You’re a former Miss Texas 2015 and Miss Texas Teen 2012. Describe the experience of competing and winning the pageants. 

AA: Being Miss Texas Teen and Miss Texas were both two of the greatest years of my life as well as the years I really grew and learned about what I wanted to accomplish in life. During my reigns as Miss Texas Teen and Miss Texas, I created my own non-profit organization that raised awareness for children with cancer and men and women in the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). 100% of the proceeds and donations I made were donated to MD Anderson and the WWP, of which I was very proud. I was able to meet the Governor, House Representatives, and many other inspiring public figures, and I traveled all over the country representing the great state of Texas! I also learned during my year as Miss Texas Teen that I had a passion for modeling because of all of the photoshoots that I went through that year. Being Miss Texas Teen and Miss Texas really opened a lot of doors for me to accomplish my goals of being a model! My favorite part about my years of service was that I personally met and helped young girls from all over the country build self-confidence and encouraged them to go after their goals and dreams.

PEV: What is the underlying inspiration for your music? 

AA: The underlying inspiration for my music is my life script and my family!

PEV: Thinking back to when you first started out, do you ever look back on your career and think about your earlier days and how you’ve arrived where you are today?

AA: Absolutely! I always think about my early days and how much I have changed and grown since I started. As an artist I will never be done learning, which is one of the things I love most about music. I am very blessed to have come this far in my career and can’t wait to see where I am in 10 years.

PEV: What’s one thing we’d be surprised to hear about you?

AA: When I was younger I was a martial artist and I worked my way up to become a black belt candidate! During my preparation for my black belt, my modeling career took off, and I was never able to complete the test for my black belt. Who knows, maybe one day I will go back and finish my test for that black belt!

Angelica AlcalaunnamedPEV: What happens when you hit a brick wall when writing? What are your methods to get over it?

AA: I get very inspired by things that are physically around me so if I ever hit a brick wall when writing, I can usually fix that by changing my location. The beach is always my go-to spot for inspiration.

PEV: How do you think the industry has changed since you first started out?

AA: When I started in the entertainment industry there was hardly any social media! Social media is the biggest change that has impacted music since I first started. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with social media.

PEV: What can fans expect from your debut track, “Reign”? What was the writing process like for this work? 

AA: They can expect a good understanding of who I am. My single, “Reign”, is about me! While writing “Reign” I wanted it to be something that would be very important to me as well as be something to which people my age could relate. I faced many obstacles growing up, but every challenge that came my way made me grow into the proud and strong person I am today, and that is what “Reign” is really about. The writing process for “Reign” was actually extremely quick! I was so excited and motivated to write “Reign” that I had the whole thing done in less than two weeks.

PEV: With all your traveling, is there one area you wish you could travel around and play that you have not yet?

AA: A show that I have always dreamed of playing at is the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo! Even though Houston is very close to home for me, playing at the Houston Rodeo would be a dream come true since my biggest music inspiration, Brad Paisley, plays there every year.

PEV: How have all your friends and family reacted to your career?

AA: My family is my biggest cheerleading team, and they support all of my goals and dreams! Both my family and friends fly all over the country just to support me and watch me if I have a competition or performance. I get videos from my friends all of the time of them singing to my music in the car, or at an event with my song playing in the background, and it warms my heart so much. I couldn’t be more thankful to be surrounded by people who love me so much and believe in me.

PEV: What can we find you doing in your spare time, aside from playing/writing music?

AA: I don’t have much spare time so when I get the chance to relax, going to the beach is a MUST! Outdoor activates like hiking and volleyball are so much fun for me, and I also love trying different types of food and cooking!

PEV: Name one present and past artist or group that would be your dream collaboration. Why?

AA: My dream collaboration would definitely have to be with Brad Paisley! He is my biggest inspiration in music, and I would love to work with someone I look up to so much.

PEV: Is there an up and coming band or artist you think we should all be looking out for now?

AA: Besides myself, I would definitely keep an eye out for my brother, Xavier Alcala, who is a gifted music artist and already has two singles on the Texas Country charts!

PEV: If playing music wasn’t your life (or life’s goal), what would you do for a career?

AA: If I were to do something else other than entertainment, I would pursue a career in fashion! I had an internship at a designer apparel boutique for an entire year when I was 19 and was able to learn so much about the buying office, clothing selections, merchandising, and managing a business in the fashion industry! Fashion is something which I am still very passionate about even though I am not activity pursuing a career in that field.

PEV: So, what is next for Angelica Alcala?

AA: You can continue to see me in magazine ads and billboards through my modeling career, and you can expect to hear my new single that is currently in production! I cannot wait to share my new music with everyone!

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