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Jon Reid

Another PEV flashback! Norfolk, VA native Jon Reid has answered the PEV XXQ’s before, under the alias Jar-e. Back then we told you about Reid’s natural musical ability to perform across a gauntlet of genres, highlighting his latest record back in February 2009, “Chicas Malas”. Reid operated under the mantra, […]

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Dashboard Madonna

The mind behind the madness of Hamburg, Germany’s Dashboard Madonna is actually British-born guitarist and producer Sascha Carl; this student of 70’s funk has been engineering unique records for years now, including the first Dashboard Madonna EP, 2004’s “Blind Man’s Bluff”. He’s been involved with a few other projects since […]

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Fiona Joy Hawkins

You may recall in late April, PEV featured a wonderfully talented Australian pianist named Trysette. You may also remember we mentioned that she often plays with a just as gifted Aussie named Fiona Joy Hawkins. Today, it is our pleasure to feature Ms. Hawkins, who much like Trysette, blew away […]

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Rooftop Runners


The brothers MasIsaac are already an internationally accomplished duo (Benedikt known for his choreography and Tobias for his ability as a dancer), but their latest endeavor into music (as the Rooftop Runners) is bringing them a whole new level of recognition, with reviews branding the band as the next big […]

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