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Skye Delamey

Renaissance Songstress and Hollywood native Skye Delamey can essentially pick and choose what musical genre she wishes to represent from day to day, song to song. She is after all, a classically trained vocalist with a four octave range… and with that kind of talent; you can do what you […]

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Songs of Water

If you love the conventional in music, then this following set of XXQ’s is not for you. If you love your music to always have the same time signature, to flow the same way, to unfold in a predictable manner… you might as well stop reading. The Greensboro, North Carolina […]

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Sal Piamonte

Sal Piamonte may not make his living in my backyard (he comes to us from Ottawa, Canada), but boy, does he tell a familiar tale concerning the real problem facing emerging artists today (and he tells it well!). He says, “The struggle of a professional musician is completely about communication.  The […]

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Jon Reid

Another PEV flashback! Norfolk, VA native Jon Reid has answered the PEV XXQ’s before, under the alias Jar-e. Back then we told you about Reid’s natural musical ability to perform across a gauntlet of genres, highlighting his latest record back in February 2009, “Chicas Malas”. Reid operated under the mantra, […]

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Dashboard Madonna

The mind behind the madness of Hamburg, Germany’s Dashboard Madonna is actually British-born guitarist and producer Sascha Carl; this student of 70’s funk has been engineering unique records for years now, including the first Dashboard Madonna EP, 2004’s “Blind Man’s Bluff”. He’s been involved with a few other projects since […]

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Fiona Joy Hawkins

You may recall in late April, PEV featured a wonderfully talented Australian pianist named Trysette. You may also remember we mentioned that she often plays with a just as gifted Aussie named Fiona Joy Hawkins. Today, it is our pleasure to feature Ms. Hawkins, who much like Trysette, blew away […]

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Rooftop Runners


The brothers MasIsaac are already an internationally accomplished duo (Benedikt known for his choreography and Tobias for his ability as a dancer), but their latest endeavor into music (as the Rooftop Runners) is bringing them a whole new level of recognition, with reviews branding the band as the next big […]

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