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Chris Steele

It’s not every day that I get to write about an artist I feel like I actually know personally – so I take some real pleasure in introducing you to Mr. Chris Steele. We’ve hung out with Chris a few times, first when he played with Trevor Hall at Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore, followed by a video shoot with the group at Sound Garden in Fell’s Point, as well as more musical reviews at Sonar and 8x10.


Certainly a first for PEV, Chatmonchy boasts an all-girl rock outfit, fresh from the mainstream of Japan (and for those of you as ignorant as me – Chatmonchy actually doesn’t mean a damn thing). Mainstream isn’t exactly the best word to describe the success of Eriko, Akiko and Kumiko – just read this insane timeline. They hit the scene in 2004, and by 2005 Sony Music Japan had gotten a hold of them, releasing their debut EP, “Chatmonchy has Come” through Sony's Ki/oon Records.

Gary Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity

Personally, at times I can struggle to write a good commentary once a month (sometimes the words just don’t come!). But writer’s block is basically a non-issue to Gary Reynolds – the Seattle-based singer/songwriter and owner of Electrokitty Studios. The guy is more than ambitious: he plans on releasing a new song every Monday for the duration of 2010 and a new album every month! He’s already well underway, releasing "Off of My Mind" on January 4th, "Be Your Man" on January 11th and “Yeah!” on January 18th.


Trust me – I know we make “kind of” a big deal when we feature bands and artists from the PEV backyard of Baltimore-Washington. We’re not playing favorites – we just really like it here! And while we’ve had our fair share of home-grown talent, our latest installment of XXQ’s comes from a band that’s REALLY native to the PEV home base; DC-minded rock outfit Hotspur.


Keeping in line with the southern rock theme we currently have going on this week – PEV brings you Oakley (a bit different from the sunglasses I used to rock, but a name memorable nonetheless). Oakley has been doing his thing for a while, self-producing records in an ongoing love affair with music – specifically country, southern rock, and what he calls “kick’n country”.


Maxwell Russell

Maxwell Russell is a preservationist southern rock artist – the kind of guitar slinger that’s loyal to the classic styling while bringing a modern flare to it that his fans more than appreciate. He talks about the roots of his craft: “Southern rock was started by Charlie Daniels, Lynard Skynard, Marshall Tucker Band and the Allman Brothers...

Dry Riser

I have these two good friends across the pond – Lance and Mark – they live in London, you see. Sometimes… I tell ya, I wish I had joined them over there (and there’s more to it than the obvious party we’d constantly be having). Seems like the United Kingdom has a music landscape to drool all over, and it’s no secret that PEV would relish the opportunity to the take the scene on a test drive.

YAWA - You And What Army

You and What Army (YAWA) are having a damn good time taking their breed of sound to the street – about as much as fun as any band we’ve talked to (just read their answers below – the more they feed of one another, the more the party ensues). Fortunately, their music is pretty badass too; a complex assortment of sonic vibes that they can claim as completely original. Indeed, Zak, Kieran, Jamie and Dave are bound for big things, on both sides of the pond.

A Rocket To The Moon

This band is involved with so many things PEV loves - namely the label Fueled by Ramen and a tour we're very familiar with - The Take Action Tour! A Rocket to the Moon (ARTTM) is an example of a band that blended together from what was at first "a project". However, when your band comes together as a unit on something like The Warped Tour... you may be onto something.

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