hip hop

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The Alumni

The Alumni are as good as the story of how the two met – they’ve been called “musical geniuses” in their work together, and that’s not a self title.

Port City ENT

PensEyeView loves getting into the really new, up and coming stuff – and hip-hop trend setters Port City E.N.T. is our latest find. They’re getting into the beats you’ll appreciate – “something to ride to, music that makes you wanna hit the club. Hustlin’ music to make you reminisce in an all around mixed tape.” We’re talking about the kind of music that will occupy a regular spot on your iPod (in pretty short time).

Don Blanquito

Don Blanquito figured it out – he tried out DC, he went over to LA, but found the source of real inspiration – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Tomeka Williams

When I first started researching Tomeka Williams, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure, she had all the qualities of a powerful performer – the look, the presence, the lyrics… but I had yet to hear the music. And goodness… does it ever complete the package!


One of the hottest up and coming hip-hop duos has been amassing a loyal following right in our backyard of Washington, DC – and PEV is finally catching on. The twins of Clabo have just about everything going their way (hell, DJ’s are already drawing rhyme comparisons to Jay-Z) – and now they’re finally in the studio pulling the tunes together.

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