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Keeping in line with the southern rock theme we currently have going on this week – PEV brings you Oakley (a bit different from the sunglasses I used to rock, but a name memorable nonetheless). Oakley has been doing his thing for a while, self-producing records in an ongoing love affair with music – specifically country, southern rock, and what he calls “kick’n country”.


Vicky Emerson

There’s a lot more to the new record “Long Ride” from the guitar-toting Vicky Emerson than her living space – she, after all did make the jump from Wisconsin village Elmwood to the big city in Manhattan.

Jonathan Byrd


Neal E. Boyd

Let’s be honest – some of these reality shows today… they just suck. They’re horrible! Swapping spouses? Celebrities on islands? It’s ridiculous! But… there are a couple out there that may actually have some purpose – and thanks in part to Neal E. Boyd, “America’s Got Talent” is one of them.

Kendel Carson

When an artist’s breakout track is titled, “I Like Trucks”, you’d probably expect him or her to be born with a knee-thumping country background – someone out of ol’ Tennessee; a Nashville native no doubt.

Spring Creek

Typically, I would start out this e-mail with a message to both you, the reader, as well as to the subject of this intro, bluegrass 4-piece Spring Creek; a note to let you all know that this band is the perfect bluegrass act to persuade even the most ignorant of bluegrass listeners to give the genre a shot. While this may be breaking news to you, it certainly isn’t to Chris Elliott, Alex Johnstone, Taylor Sims and Jessica Smith – they know they’re bringing a new edge in the personality department to an old style sound.

PEV Year In Review 2!

XXQs: PEV Year in Review II

So PensEyeView went through some big changes in the past year. The biggest perhaps, was adding a fourth member to the main group of guys behind the site. What’s it been like now with your site guru, Aaron?  

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