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For Barbados natives NexCyx, songs can be born from the simplest… and often greatest things. Take for example, the flip flop. I love the flip flop, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t have similar feelings toward the footwear. Anyway, the comfortable sandal can even inspire song, according to NexCyx: “Inspiration can even come from random noises in the background of whatever we are doing. Actually one song that we have came from the sound that flip flops make.

Shelly Bonet

PEV presents a new face on the scene with this version of the XXQ's - a pint sized talent with a major league voice; the act known as Shelly Bonet.


Joshua Radin Revisited

Ariel Aparicio

Intended Creation

Tiffany Hines

An artist of a different breed today on – and one we really, really like. Nikita’s best kept secret, Ms. Tiffany Hines was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to chat about everything she’s been up to, including the CW action series, “Nikita.”

Mandy Barnett

 It was PEV’s pleasure to chat with one of our most naturally gifted artists we’ve ever featured, the amazing vocalist Ms. Mandy Barnett. A lot of artists can attempt to lay claim to the title “World-Class Vocalist”, but Barnett is without a doubt internationally recognized for her golden vocals in the styles of pop, jazz, torch, and classic country music.

Voice In The Dark

It feels good to do a little something for the artists getting it done behind the scenes – and today’s feature is one of the elite at bringing the best out of others. Voice in the Dark has been helping other musicians with their projects for years now, but today is celebrated for his own unique style and his Box Set collection.


Brennan Dylan

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